Gloria's Massage Therapy



"I have MS a disease that, among other things, causes me to loose feelings in my hands and legs (Neuropathy). After Gloria's massage I leave with better blood circulation and feelings in both my hands and legs. In addition, she is the most caring person you will ever meet. I have been going to Gloria for over one year and when I say she is the best you can believe it, just try her."  Sherie Wood 


"My name is Frank Denton and I am 84 years old. Because of Gloria's massage therapy I am able to to the things I love to do. Regular massages helps my blood circulation and keeps my joints and muscles working.  I have been going to Gloria for massages for many years and I truly believe she is the best massage therapist around." Frank Denton


"When I am under pressure and stressed out, I go to Gloria for a massage! About 10 minutes into the massage I can feel the tension fading away. Sometimes, my back and shoulders give me problems. Even though Gloria is a small person, she has a lot of strength in her hands and is able to dig deep if necessary. She says it's her technique. Regardless, she is very skilled and I recommend her to anyone."  JG


"Gloria has been an amazing massage therapist in my life since a friend referred her in 2004. Whether needing a stress-releasing touch or a deep tissue session for injury,Gloria has a wonderful God-given ability to detect the areas needing help. The atmosphere is always peaceful and relaxing and I come away lifted in spirit and soul as well. Gloria truly is the best and I will continue to refer her to everyone."  Marcia Diebel